Awesome Alterations

Being somewhat average when it comes to height, many pants are too long on me.

Petite sizes don’t work, because they’ll hit me at just below my ankles and the rise is too short.

What usually ends up happening is that I’ll wear the pants that are too long and the hem will become torn as I step on it.


I’ve watched all those makeover fashion shows that keep stressing the importance of getting your clothes altered and I never followed the advice. Until now.

I absolutely love the results! Now I can walk without tripping over my pants and I finally feel that my clothes fit right.

So, if you’re facing a dilemma .. to alter or not to alter.. the answer is ALTER!

It shouldn’t cost more than $10-$12 for a pair of pants, depending on how complicated the stiching is on the bottom.

Quick tip: Wash your pants before getting the alterations done to make sure there’s no extra shrinking.