Hijab Style: One Top 3-Ways

It’s nice to maximize your wardrobe with a few basics that you can mix and match.


The are many possibilites here, but I put a few together to give you an idea.

This sweater dress from LA REDOUTE is great because it can be casual or dressy. Black pants are from Ann Taylor, sweats are from J.Jill, and the wide leg jeans are from People’s Liberation.

Black and gold heels by Anne Klein, heart ballet flats by Charlotte Russe, and ruched kitten heel by American Eagle.

The v-neck might be low, so make sure to wear a tank top underneath in the same color as your pants to give it a nice polished look.

For your scarf, go for various shades of purple either much lighter than the shirt or much darker. Or match your scarf to the color of pants you’re wearing. For example gray scarf with gray pants, etc.

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  1. kym

    God bless all the ladies who put effort on teaching how to wear hijab and different styles of hijab! I have been wearing my hijab for a month and learned everything from you girls! Your tips help me a lot!

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