Hijab Fashion: Natural Looking Makeup

Items you will need: blush (find a shade that can blend easily into your skin and show just a hint of color), blush brush, makeup sponge, concealer, tinted moisturizer (much easier to blend on face without it looking too fake) or light foundation, translucent powder, clear mascara, lip gloss.

  1. Wash your face and moisturize. If your skin is dry this is important.
  2. Dot concealer under your eyes and lightly blend from inner corner of your eye to outer corner with your ring finger or a makeup sponge. Keep patting and blending lightly until it almost disappears.
  3. Dot tinted moisturizer or foundation around your face and eyes and blend it in with your fingertips or a makeup sponge. Don’t forget to blend it into your hairline and under your chin so it looks even.
  4. Apply a loose translucent powder on top once your foundation has set. If you do it too early it will stick to the wet spots and look like a mask. Or you can skip this step if you don’t have very oily skin.
  5. Use clear mascara to tame your brows and also use it on your lashes.
  6. Put some blush on the apples of your cheeks/just above your cheekbones and make sure to sweep it back and forth between your nose and hairline.
  7. Use the same blush and sweep a tiny bit on your nose and blend it up and down with your blush brush.
  8. Use the same blush and sweep it just under your eyebrows.
  9. Apply a sheer gloss and you are good to go!

To intensify the look use dark mascara on your lashes, line your inner eyes with a dark pencil and use a darker shade of gloss

**It doesn’t matter how tired you are, you must remove your makeup before you go to bed if you plan on keeping your skin fresh**

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  1. yasmin

    A lil blush goes a long way 😉

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