Back Online

I’ve been unable to access the internet for 2 days!

I apologize for the delay in posting and will have some new stuff up today (Monday).

In addition, I’m attending the MAS-ICNA convention this weekend and scouting out some new styles that girls are wearing. I will have more information on that coming up…

So don’t go anywhere!

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  1. anbar


    Hey everyone,

    Did you know that most of the websites are starting their after-xmas sales before the stores? Also, if you like certain online shops and register (no credit card required), you get emails all the time with codes and special sales. Sephora just sent an email for a free lip pencil debuting on Wed., for in-store or online orders. If you do not want to register w/a merchant, before you buy anything, google promotions or codes for your store and check for a code. I ordered some tunic length tees from Land’s End and got a free shipping code and then used another one for 20% off!. Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic and other places have already started their sales. And-if you bought something in the last week or so and it goes on sale after xmas-show them the receipt and they usually credit the difference. If it was an online order, just talk to them on the phone. they know you could just return things, so most places are pretty good about this.

    Happy Eid,



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