Modern Muslim Women: MAS-ICNA Trend Spotting

Do you ever wonder what hijabis across the country are wearing? That thought occurs to me from time to time, but whenever I attend Islamic conventions I usually find that there are tons of styles that I couldn’t possibly keep up with.

But, this time I paid close attention and came back to give you the entire scoop.

I attended the MAS-ICNA convention in Chicago and here are my notes:

  • Sparkly things are still THE item to have. Whether it’s your scarf, a shirt, shoes or a bag, the more bling it has the better. It’s usually one item that will accent the whole outfit. So don’t try to become a shimmery sequin from head to toe.
  • Hooded jilbabs and abayas that give a hint of Moroccan flair. I also heard that a lot of girls are pinning the hood to the back of their hijab so it’s shown off a little.
  • Abayas with tons of color and detail. Embroidery extends up the sleeves and on the back of the abaya. Many of these abayas have long fluttery sleeves. Most don’t come with a matching scarf so you’ll have to accessorize on your own.