Modern Muslim Women: Radiant Skin

If you followed my last post and tried salt/sugar as an exfoliant, then you’re probably wondering what you can do to maintain that nice smooth skin.

Personally, I like to use products that are natural or that have very few ingredients (especially if you can’t pronounce them). If you want to keep your skin hydrated after you exfoliate or whenever your skin feels particularly dry, I suggest using some form of oil.

I used to use only olive oil for hair and skin, but found another oil that is just as good and not as smelly.

Jojoba oil.

It’s great and keeps your skin feeling nice and smooth. You can even use it to remove makeup!

Look for the pure stuff at any health food store. I bought mine at Trader Joe’s for around $6.99.

Well worth it when you think of all those expensive creams at the department store that usually contain alcohol.

Alcohol is known as a drying agent and will strip your skin of natural oils. But that’s a topic for another post.

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  1. yasmin

    Dearest, coconut oil is good too! And it doesn’t FEEL oily! Weird?? And the smells?? Tropics! Almost vanilla too! 🙂 The result is of course amazing! Makes your skin younggggggggggg

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