Hijab Styles: End of the Year Sale

Great deals on all kinds of stylish outfits.

HijabTrendz has the exclusive listings in one place so you don’t have to search for them! This list will continue to be updated throughout the sale period.

Just check out the links below:

Artizara (30-60% off plus an extra 10% off for e-subscribers!)

J.Jill (up to 70%off)

LA REDOUTE (up to 65% off, lots of selection boots, coats, sweaters etc.) Code for discounted shipping: LRSHIPPING99

Newport News

Old Navy (up to 50% off)

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  1. anbar

    OOps, its 25$, not 23$ for NN membership. sorry.

  2. anbar

    slms all, I just wanted everyone to know that if you order from Newport News, the code L71 gets you free shipping on an order of $50 or more until Feb. 28th. Also, for 23$/yr, if you join their ‘membership’, you get an automatic 10% off of all orders, and 20% more off throughout the year. They send out catalogs with the discount codes on them. Happy hunting!

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