Hijab Hair

You know what I’m talking about!

When you have to wear your scarf all day and by the time you get home your hair feels flat and dull. Or even worse when you’ve been out all day and get invited to someone’s party last minute, once you get to the party you run to the bathroom frantically trying to revive your beautiful mane.

Don’t worry there is a way to bring your luscious locks back to life.

A few tips I recommend:

*Spritz a small amount of perfume on your brush and pull it through your hair.

*If your hair tends to be on the oily side put some scented baby powder or other perfumed powder through your hair.

*Scrunch your hair with your hands and massage your scalp (this is important for those of you who tie your hair back really tight because it gets your circulation going).

shampoo.jpg*Try a waterless shampoo like the one on the right by Oscar Blandi available at Sephora
(you can keep it in your purse for those emergency situations).

These tips can also be done before you put your scarf on.

Your hair doesn’t have to be drab just because you wear hijab!

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  1. ash

    yep good ideas! also, best tip for keeping body is to
    change the side of your part every day and never put your
    bangs/fringe in your bun/ponytail.

  2. yasmin

    I simply slide my hands under my hair, and just shake them. That will do the trick ;)Of course if a hairbrush is nearby, I’ll use that too 🙂

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