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I’m looking for people interested in modeling for Hijabtrendz. If you live in the Chicago area that’s a definite plus, but if you’re in another city and have access to a quality photographer/camera that will work as well.

Please contact me for more details.

We can change the hijab fashion industry one model at a time.

It’s time to get rid of those funky mannequins that are totally fobalicious!

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  1. Devleta Memic

    What type of models are you looking for? Tall and skinny or does it matter?

  2. Zahra H.

    Hello, I am interested but I was wondering what are the age requirements? I am tall and skinny.



    hey my dream is be hijab model i’m from morroco i have 20 year old please i wanna know how can i be hijab model answer me please

  4. J.B

    I would like to try and be a hijab model, I am in the U.S army and can only wear my hijab on the weekends or when I have time off, this is a big struggle for me, maybe there are other sisters out there who would love to wear a fitted hijab while at work everyday but cannot. So if the offer is still available I would like to give it a go!

  5. Noriszah Bte Mohd Ismail



    I’m from Singapore and wondering if you would be interested in having an Asian model from afar. No experience but very much interested.

  6. Noor


    I live in D.C. and would love to be involved in modeling for HijabTrendz. If the offer is still good I’d love to be considered. Jazak Allah Khair!

  7. nasreen

    i would really like to be a hijabi model. I just recently started wearing hijab and i think that this would give me the confidance to keep it on 🙂

  8. Omera Begum

    Asalaamwalikum sister.
    I am really into hijabi fashion and i would really like to get the chance to be a hijabi model for hijabtrendz. So contact me if you feel i would be of use to you as a hijabi model. thanks.

  9. husaina

    salamualaikum sisters
    i want to become a hijabi model aswell as a muslim fashion model, but don’t know how to go about it, i have tried searching on the net so far no hope.

  10. sabaheta

    slm…i m interested in hijab modeling as well…if t s possible, pls contact me…tq

  11. huda

    amazing how hijab that was ordain for muslim woman to protect their modesty has now become an adornement for muslim sisters for modelling..Allah protect us all..please renew our intention of wearing hijab .it;s a garment that protect us from the gaze of non mahraam..but unfortunately we doing everythg upside down..

  12. Sabeena

    Assalamualaikum, Sister.
    I am a New York resident and am interesting in modeling for Hijab Trendz. If you are still in need of a model, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail required to submit this post.

  13. S.H.

    Definitely interested. Would it be possible to email me more details? I will send photos & measurements. Thank yooou!:) x

  14. Amira Natasha

    Salam My name is Natasha
    I live in bandar sunway , PJ . kuala lumpur , and I would love to be a hijab model!
    Please e-mail me details!

  15. Afrin Bhuiyan

    Oh woow I have been waiting for this oppuurtunity to come. I am REALLY interested. I would REALLY like to audition. Please let me know if there are spots available!!!

  16. Fatima

    salaam i am from south africa…and many ppl hav told me to become a model and i m also wearing a hijaab…so i would like to become a hijabi model not only to help muslim women to be trendy but to also propagate islam in such a way that the kufaar will realize that we are not opressd and to see the beauty of the hijaaab

    anyways take care and please do reply

  17. hinda

    Hi, my name is Hinda, I’m Somali and live in England, I would love to become a hijabi model, i was told by many people i have the qualities which is required, plus i do photograpy. If your interested please forword me your email address so i can share my photos with you. Thanks!

  18. Sahar

    Hello! My name is Sahar and I am Persian. I have been told numerous times that i should be a model but i recently became a hijabi and can no longer model the clothes required. I am 5 11 and 130 pounds. I have all the right requirements. I live in Los Angeles, California and my father is a photographer. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  19. Zahiya Khachab

    Hello! I am highly interested in this! I have done some modeling with my sister who’s a photographer. I would love to know more about this! I live in the United States, too! 🙂

  20. Aqsa

    I’m interested in modeling for hijabs.
    Lemme know if I can help.

  21. Naura Fathi

    just to add on, i did model in Saudi ARabia with jalabya and hijab for SAydaty Magazine,and i have pictures if you are interested.

  22. Naura Fathi

    Salam, i am interested in becoming a hijab model. I already have a portfollio but its of my previous modeling not with a hijab, i am embracing the hijab now and would love to change the fashion industry and focus mainly on the beauty of modesty. i live in Toronto and have my own photoghraper please let me know if you are interested.

  23. nima

    i ‘d love to be a hijab model.is it stil open??

  24. Lubna Ali

    I live in Tampa, Florida and would definitely love to be a hijab model!

  25. monika

    Salam My name is Monika
    I live in Toronto and I would love to be a hijab model!
    Please e-mail me details!

  26. zeina

    salam i’m zeina from morocco i’m 182 cm and 57kg i’m slim and hamdlah i wear hijab….it was my dream to be a model …i”m realy looking for beeing hijab model….pliz contact me i would like to help

  27. Khadijah

    Salam sister.my name is khadijah i live in California i am african american and i will love to help out.So inshallah please contact me whenever salam:)

  28. qurratulain

    yeah is it still open?? cause id love to help 🙂

  29. Amber

    I live in London but i would love to do modelling in hijab style 🙂

  30. zeina

    is this still open???/

  31. huniyah

    asaalamu alaykum warahmatulah wabarakatuhu!!!i hope your well and warm inshaALLAH!i would love to participate in this hijab modelling i think its an amazing idea!.. i wear a hijab myself and know many styles!. iam from london, i have professional pictures as well as non professional pictures which i could send you if needed. i have always looked for this opportunity and omg here it is!! i would very much appriciate it if you could contact me back. thankyou so so sooooooooo much for this! really look forword to hearing from you! much love sister huniyah xx

  32. Hejabulous

    Hi i’m in Canada but would love to join and help out……let me know if there’s anything i can do.

  33. Sara

    I live in Chicago and would LOVE to help you. I don’t wear the hijab, but I plan to soon. I am quite young and I think I would quickly adapt to any environment you place me in. Please contact me with details. Thank you so much!


  34. Marwa El-Barawy

    hi, i am Marwa From Egypt, an very much intrested in Hijab modeling and am seeking your suport, i wish if you contact me

  35. rokaya

    am rokaya i live in egypt and am egyptian to am 175 cm and 58 kilos i really would love to be a hijab model sooo please contact me

  36. farhana

    hi! are yous till looking for the hijab models. if you are, i am really interested. i live 3 hours from chicago. hope to hear from you soon. thanks..salam alaik..

  37. Firdous Adam

    i use to be a model for international magazne before but i quite cuz i started wearing hijab and couldnt really do that anymore, but with hijab it would be great, this is my dream, i enjoy it soo much and this my chance soo plz do contact me

    thank you sooo much for this chance

  38. Saba Sharif

    Salamu Aleykum Sister!
    ohh my allah i was looking for someone in need for hijab model,that was always my dream….masaallah i finally found this page!!
    i wear the hijab with all my pride(alhamdulliah)
    so im really interested in hijab modelling!!!!!
    can you plz contact me and i can send you some pictures of mine…
    by the way im from Germany (i dont know if that matters so im just mention it)
    soo plzzz contact me i cant wait to hear from u inhaallah!
    Salam aleykum

  39. C

    I would like to help, I live in London…

  40. Kevser

    Well…i’m also interested!
    I’m a romanian muslim al7amdullelah, i will become a hijabi inshallah and i would love to share it .I have a few photos.
    Contact me!
    Salam alekum

  41. Dunia Mommandi


    I am EXTREMELY interested! I have been actually looking all over the net for somebody in need for a hijab model.. I don’t wear hijab, but I have been told I should because.. apparently it suits me well. Anyhow, I would gladly send you pictures if needed, just contact me! Thank you for the opportunity.


  42. Zaynab Chreim

    Hello , i am very interested in modeling hijabs, i work well with camera .
    plwase contact me and ill send u pics

  43. Maryam Shamloo

    hello, im really interested in modeling, but I live out in san diego, ca..

    please contact me ill send u a pic 🙂

  44. NA

    I’d love to be a hijab model…where do I sign up??

  45. hiba

    dear (Sir, Madam)

    i am a Moroccan woman my name is wahiba and i am very interested in modeling in hijab trendz

  46. dee

    i would like to part of this too, can you give your email and i will send you my photo with hijab.
    i hope u will be like it


  47. Shaista Gul

    I would be interested in modeling with hijab. Please contact me and let me know the details.
    Thank you.

  48. Nicole Queen

    I would love to be part of this. I can send photos, I am actually a photographer and can provide modeling and photography, I recently became a hijabi..Inshallah.

  49. ae

    lemme know if i can help!

  50. anbar

    Why don’t you call them “fobalemons?

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