Hijab Style: Straight Pin or Safety Pin?

Everyone has a preference for what they use to fasten their hijab securely and what we’ve discovered is that there are different types of pins that are better than others for certain kinds of hijab styles.

Here is a quick run through and where you can purchase them:

Straight pins: (these look like pins used for sewing when you need to hold the pattern to the fabric). But they work great for wrap style hijabs because you can pin them at the top or on the side of your hijab so it won’t come apart. The site also has some interesting looking ones with flowers on top. These will be much cheaper than hijab stores that try to sell each pin for a dollar.

Metal safety pins: Great for the triangle hijab when you need to pin it under your chin. You can also pin the tails back behind your head. The downside is that it can get caught in the fabric and cause it to fray, but they are the easiest to find. Plus they come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Plastic safety pins: Very convenient and they usually come in a variety of colors. Some have fake crystals glued on which might look a little tacky. The only downside is the cheaply made pins easily break in half or unclasp. Also, when it shows under your chin (when wearing the triangle style) it can look a little weird. So make sure you wrap your material over it if possible to cover it up.

Modern pins: Used by non-Muslims and Muslims, these are more funky modern pins you can use as a brooch or to fasten your hijab in artistic ways.

Decorative charm pins: A lot of girls like to have these charms dangle down the side of their scarf while also holding it in place. I prefer more subtlety where you can have a nice jewel on top of the pin but it shouldn’t be too busy.

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  2. Hijab Pins

    Plastic pins are available in two qualities do not buy the ones that come in packs from china buy the loose ones that say ‘made in Japan’ on them

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