Modern Muslim Women: Smooth and Subtle

It’s always hard to find the right makeup that gives you a fresh face without looking caked on. I’ve tried powders and creams and all kinds of concoctions without any decent results. The closest I got was with a tinted moisturizer that I’d wear some days and on other days I’d wear mineral makeup. It got frustrating having to alternate all the time. On the days when my skin was dry I’d use the moisturizer and then the minerals would go on my face when it was oilier.

If only there was a product that would take care of it all, then I wouldn’t have to shove so many products in my bulging makeup bag.

I decided to go to Sephora the other day and have them make me a few samples from the makeup line Smashbox.


I tried the makeup primer, and foundation. They were all amazing! My skin has never felt this soft and I don’t feel like I’m wearing makeup at all. The best part is that most people think you have great skin and it doesn’t look like you have a mask on. The downside is that it is pricey, but the upside is that you can find this stuff on auction sites pretty cheap (but be careful whenever you buy stuff that way, I can’t guarantee you’ll get what you want). And to top it all off the makeup line is completely animal cruelty free!

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