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Nikaab Ali wrote to me recently:

“I came across your blog and found it extremely interesting. Thought I’d mention a website from which I recently ordered three beautiful hijab pins from. It’s called Siratt and the pins are made by a company called Trinket-Box. I hope you like them as the quality and designs are really lovely.”*


Nikaab I would like to thank you for the tip, the pins look gorgeous and stylish. It’s hard to find quality hijab pins that don’t look cheap (like the seller is trying to rip you off by selling one pin for the price they paid to get 100 if you get my drift).

If you have any tips, tricks or great finds do send them my way and we’ll make sure you get mentioned on HijabTrendz.

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  1. Zoeb

    Perhaps you should look at muslimbase website. They have a large collection of unique hijab pins too

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