Hijab Style: Al-Amirah Hijab

Al-Amirah hijabs are great Hijab Style when you’re trying to run out of the house at the last minute and don’t have time to intricately pin your fancy scarf into place. They’re also the best for tucking into your shirt because there isn’t too much extra bulk. And finally they are the most comfortable when it comes to playing sports.

Al-Amirah hijabs are actually two pieces of stretchy material shaped like a tube that you pull over your head. First you pull on the smaller piece like a headband and then you pull the larger tube on top over your head so that it covers your neck.

There is also a one-piece style which is nice because you just pop it over your head and you’re good to go.

These hijabs come in all kinds of colors and textures and patterns, but if you’re not careful you can look fobalicious! Make sure to choose solid colors that match your outfit. If you choose to do a pattern then your clothing should not have any patterns or prints.

One place I like to order from is HijabGirl. It’s a pretty cheap online store, although they never seem to carry the basic colors like black or white. The fabric is also strange because it’s polyester but feels like cotton (until you wash it too many times and it starts to get fuzzy). I would recommend Al-Amirah in 100% cotton because it will feel softer and you’ll be better off in the hot weather.