Hijab Style: Fresh and Fabulous

Did you ever pull out a scarf from that pile you have shoved in the back of the closet only to realize it smells like the wood shelf you had it on?

Here is a quick trick to keep your hijabs fresh:

Place a scented dryer sheet in between your scarves and the shelf (or in your drawer). Change the dryer sheet every few months and you should be rockin’ some pretty fresh hijabs.

Added bonus: Dryer sheets help eliminate static.

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  1. Umm Haniyyah

    Red flag, I thought when I read this suggestion. Dryer sheets can contain some pretty suspect chemicals (artificial scents, plasticizers, etc.). It would be better to put a drop of an essential oil of your choice on a cotton ball and leave that in the drawer or to buy a cedar block or cedar balls. Especially because the hijab is going on our heads for hours we really need to be careful. Mothballs are notorious for being toxic, so besides their bad smell, they’re also a no-no.

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  3. Nikaab Ali

    Salaams sister,

    I’ve just remembered an aunt of mine who use to put moth balls in her wardrobe and sadly all her Hijabs and scarves use to stink of moth balls. Your article reminded me of this and actually made me laugh.

    Lots of Duas


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