Hijab Style: Abaya Couture

Arabesque is a “designer” abaya and sheila line based in the United Arab Emirates.

I’ve always loved this store, the abayas are luxurious and way over the top. Check out the fur lined abaya, what a statement for winter!

These are great if you have a really fancy event to go to. Instead of trying to hijabify a strapless dress, put a designer abaya and sheila on and you’ll look a million times better than getting all bundled up in a gaudy gown.

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  1. Saran

    New brand Alessandra Rich is a new luxury collection of abaya and jalabiya. Available now exclusively at Harrods in London, honouring the heritage of Middle Eastern dress this is the first time a seasonal fashion collection has been produced dedicated to the abaya and jalabiya. Stunning silks from Lake Como are embroidered by hand with the most brilliant Swarovski crystals. A thoroughly modern and fresh adaption of tradtional dress.

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  3. Noblesse

    Check out this newer alternative


    Also abaya

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