Snazzy Safety Pin

A quick and cheap way to decorate a plain safety pin is to add beads to it.

Seed beads are the best type, but make sure the hole is big enough for it to fit on the safety pin, because I’ve had trouble with some beads that are too small and then when you try to shove them on the pin they break.

Quick way to snazz up your safety pin:

1. Unwind the pin carefully so that you can bend it back to it’s original shape.

2. place a few beads, but not too many or you wont be able to bend it back.

3. Twist pin back in place and voila!

Now just make a few more to add to your collection  or give away to friends. You can also do this on much larger safety pins, but again make sure that the beads have openings that are big enough to go through.

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  1. wasaski

    Yes I tried this idea before! really easy and inexpensive

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