Hijab Style: Maxi Dress – Four Price Ranges

Dresses that are “Maxi” length are a lot longer than average and are a great option for hijabi’s Hijab Style.  These were really hot last summer but are making a big comeback for spring and summer 2008.

You can wear a maxi dress with a button down shirt on top or thin cardigan and give it the appearance of a skirt. Or you can wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. (Scroll down for tips on what hijab style to pair these with).

$39.50 Four Stars $49.95 Carabella


$60.00 1060 Sherman $109.00 Victoria’s Secret

Hijab Style Tips:

*Choose your hijab color based on one of the colors from the print of the dress. If it’s a solid color than use something that will contrast nicely with the season’s trends. For example an orange dress you could pair with a pastel yellow hijab, or  a lighter shade of orange.

*If you wear the maxi dress as a skirt and use a button down top over it, make sure your hijab isn’t too puffy or layered. You can wear the Al-Amirah or any other style, but tucked in.

*If you wear a long t-shirt underneath the dress you can do the tucked in look as long as it doesn’t look to bulky. Otherwise choose a nice triangle hijab and pin it back so the ends aren’t dangling everywhere. Or wear a long wraparound scarf.

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  1. sharmeen

    OMG!!!! im in love with maxi dresses!!!! they r so pretty and comfy!!!!!

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