Hijab Styles: Hundreds of Hijabs


Scarf World is such a cool site! It’s based in the U.K and carries hundreds of scarves from the kinds used as accessories to actual hijabs.

You can change the currency on the side tab depending on what country you’re in, so you can see in U.S. dollars how much their items are, and they’re not too pricey.

The funny thing is there is a beaded scarf  on this site that is much cheaper than the same exact one someone was trying to sell at a convention for more than $60. I wonder if this is where they bought it?

The only downside is it appears this site mostly sells the wrap style of hijab, although they do have some square selections-there are no Al-Amirah Hijab styles. But, the upside is that they have tons of colors that you can use to spice up that wardrobe.

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  1. samina n kazi

    Salaams,I have never been on this website.I like what Ihave seen so faar.

  2. wasaski

    I second that….oh so many scarves!

  3. big-dady

    Salam Mariam
    what a great found!
    i have been in touch with scarf world and to check on their latest Hijabs and they have told me that very soon they will have more than 200 new styles!
    I am checking all the time on their latest items!
    once again thank you Mariam

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