Never Ending Sales

What’s a girl to do with all the sales that keep popping up? It seems like every time I turn the corner there is something that I feel like I just HAVE to buy. So what’s the best thing to do in these situations?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old question, “Is it a WANT or a NEED?”

Most of the time it’s a want for me so I end up leaving the item behind. But, with great sales, sometimes you should stock up on items that may never come back.

Here are a few ideas to help you while navigating those sale racks:

  • Look for quality material. Many times if it’s a “trendy” item it’s cheaply made and isn’t really meant to last.
  • Buy things that are hijabi-centric. For example: t-shirts that can be used for layering outfits. If they’re on sale chances are this is a great time to stock up because you’ll always need long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts in a variety of colors.
  • Wide leg pants. These items are a staple in my wardrobe. As a hijabi it’s very hard to find these. Luckily they’ve been “in fashion” so you can find them at most places. But, I remember a few years back when I bought one pair, wishing I’d bought at least two more because they were never to be seen again.
  • Long loose skirts. These are RARE and when you find them on sale you should get them in colors that you can compliment with dressy or casual tops. For example black, navy, white, and gray.
  • Blazers/Jackets: My ultimate weakness especially when they’re dirt cheap, but ask yourself are you really going to dress up in a suit every day of the week? If you’ve got a job that requires it, this deal has your name written all over it.
    Added Bonus: These are great if you have to dress up for a formal event.
  • Shoes: If you know your shoe size isn’t going to fluctuate (attention pregnant ladies!) then go wild. You’ll always need tennis shoes, flats and a good heel.

Don’t go too trendy with any of the items you buy, because you may not be able to wear them that long before you look outdated.

Remember: for every new item you buy, you must get rid of one old item in your closet. Donate it to charity or sell it. Either way it has to go!

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