Finding the Right Blush

Pinch your cheeks, wait a few seconds and try to find a shade that matches.

That’s easier said than done and isn’t great advice.

When using blush on your face whether you brush it all over for a uniform glow or just apply it to your cheeks, it’s important to use the right shade.

Try to find a store that will actually let you try the blush out and see how it looks, because blush doesn’t look the same  in the package as it will on your particular skin tone. Once you find your ideal shade you can purchase it somewhere cheaper like the drugstore.

An easy rule of thumb is to think of this:

the lighter your skin tone=the lighter your blush

the darker your skin tone=the darker your blush

If you’re planning to wear eyeshadow or lipstick make sure it doesn’t clash with your blush.

For example if you decide to wear dark maroon lipstick and a bronze colored blush you will look like a clashing clown.

Generally more neutral colors of blush (light shades of pink) go well with everything. Darker blush is more dramatic and will require darker lipstick.
Bronzer (best with a tan and for the summer months) look best with lighter lipstick or no lipstick at all .

Tip:When wearing hijab everything looks more dramatic so go easy on the blush or you’ll look like you are getting ready for Broadway.

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