Avoiding the Hassle of Online Shopping

When ordering clothing from a print catalog or website it can get extremely confusing. What is your exact size? Do the clothes run big or small? Are the shoes going to stretch after you wear them a few times?

Every company is different regardless of your size. You may be a size 10 according to one and a size 14 at another. Most people who order online or through the mail usually ended up returning some of their items because the sizes are off.

It may seem important to follow the measurement guide that clothing companies provide, but those measurements are not very accurate. Think of it this way, no one is built exactly the same, so the measurements serve only as a rough guide.

The best thing to do is to go ahead and get the items you think may be your size range and try them on and if they don’t fit do an exchange.

Constantly returning items can get costly if you’re not careful. There are some companies that will deduct a return shipping fee from your refund. But you can get it back if you call them and let them know you were not happy with your items. Who wants to pay 10 dollars in shipping and not have kept anything? You’re basically throwing money away.

Don’t let that keep you from exploring the wonderful world of fashion by mail.

Contact the company beforehand and see if there is anyway they can guarantee free returns or exchanges. Check out sites like RetailMeNot where you can find hundreds of discount codes for all kinds of online products. Many people have been able to save up to 40 percent off an entire order through them

And finally, use companies like Shoebuy or Zappos that offer free shipping and returns.

If people pester companies to provide policies that ensure free shipping and returns, customers will be more likely to return and refer others.

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