The “No Surgery” Breast Lift

Saggy boobs are something most women think will only affect them when they’re older. If you don’t have much on top you may not have to worry, but for those of you who are well endowed keep reading!

You must get measured by a proper bra specialist. Look for a store in your area similar to this one.

  • Do not go to a department store or lingerie store in the mall where they merely whip out a measuring tape and claim to know your size.
  • Do not go to a store that claims to have a “holistic” approach to finding the right bra. This just means they’re too lazy to actually measure you and think they can tell your size just by looking at you.

Trying on bras is extremely important and having a sizing specialist there to help is also necessary. If the specialist knows what she’s doing then your bra will make you look a million times better in your clothes. It will lift up your breasts and keep them raised. The bra cups should also be laying smooth on your chest, no wrinkles or extra fabric.

What to look for:

  • The right bra will feel snug (especially around the band area) because you may not be used to wearing the right size. HijabTrendz loves this brand .
  • You should wear the bra band on the first hook and as time goes on and it starts to get loose you move to the next hook.
  • Make sure you’re not getting the dreaded “uni-boob” this means your bra is too small.
  • If you can afford it, have at least two bras that you alternate between so each one can “rest” and not get over used and stretched out.

Getting the right bra will make a huge difference in your appearance. Not only are you saving yourself from future sagging issues, you’re going to take some weight off your frame and look much smoother and more polished.

If you don’t believe us take a before and after picture.

Tip:The bras in the specialty stores can be very expensive, but if you note the style and size you can find it online cheaper and eBay usually has pretty good deals.

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