Customize Your Clothing Part Three

Jeans are often the hardest piece of clothing to get right. They can be too tight or too loose. You might experience a saggy bottom in the back or they could get so shrunken in the wash that you can barely put a leg in.

The answer is custom-made jeans. These are definitely going to be up high in the price range and although we can’t justify why you need to spend more than $30 on a pair of jeans, if you’ve had trouble finding the right pair this may be what you need to invest in.

Here are a few places that provide custom jeans (they are all run by a company called Archetype, but they vary in style and price):




What HijabTrendz likes about Indidenim is that it has trendier styles, but the downside is that the price is quite hefty.

Overall, the great thing about these sites is that when you fill out information on your body type, you will get asked relevant questions. For example, do you wear jeans that fit perfectly in the thigh area but are way too big in the waist? We’ve often found that to be a perplexing issue and are glad to see these places addressing it.

Note: Tomorrow will be the final installment in the custom clothing series.

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