The Beauty of Gauze

This fabric is amazing. It’s light and refreshing and keeps you cool when it’s too toasty to do anything but sit inside with the air conditioning cranked up.

As always we’ve provided you with more than one price option so you can buy what fits your budget.


From (L-R): Soft Surroundings has this pant in plus size, petite and tall. Newport News also has theseĀ in plus size.

Long gauze skirts are often hard to find unless you like wearing funky floral patterns (which we suggest you don’t do). Here is one option for a plain skirt that comes in a few colors. And if you’re on the plus size check this out.

So how do you put together an outfit with gauze as your theme?

Buy one piece of clothing in cotton gauze fabric. It can be a scarf, pants, skirt or top and pair it with a plain cotton knit fabric like the one’s good t-shirts are made out of.

For example if you wear the gauze pant or skirt wear a plain long-sleeve t-shirt on top.

If you want to wear a gauze top, wear some nice dress pants with them or if you want to be casual pair them with jeans.

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