Flash Those Pearly Whites

Bright white teeth are a great way to update your look. It’s the easiest way to look and feel good about yourself without resorting to drastic measures.

Of course we all want to ideally have healthy teeth and you should make sure to brush and floss regularly. As the saying goes, “What teeth should I floss? Only the ones you want to keep!”

OK now you’re probably thinking teeth whitening costs a lot, and the answer is where have you been? There are so many options now, but of course you may want to check with your dentist first to be on the safe side.

Whitening gum: We’ve always loved the Trident White chewing gum, some say it works and some say it’s all in your head, but we like the fact that we have fresh breath for hours.

Whitening toothpaste: Usually a good bet, but you wont get a dramatic shade difference. And sometimes your teeth can become sensitive. This is best for the timid.

Whitening strips: We’ve tried these and just don’t see results. But maybe we’re too impatient and aren’t sticking through the regimen long enough. According to the box, strips are supposed to lighten teeth up to three shades.

Whitening trays: The newest over-the-counter remedy. They sound a lot easier to use than strips. We haven’t tried them because we’re hoping the price will go down.

Laser Whitening: The most ideal solution. But also the most expensive. However, there are ways to get a good deal. Look for coupons online or ask your dentist if they have any special promotions (we’ve seen prices from $200-$500). This is something we really want to do, but the dentist says if you’re breastfeeding you can’t. Not enough studies done to prove its safe for breast milk.

Which brings us to again remind you that before you do anything check with your doctor or dentist especially if you’re pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss natural remedies to help keep your teeth white and healthy.

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