We recently received a request from dedicated Hijabtrendz reader Saida. She sent us an email asking how to organize her hijabs.

That is definitely one of those “million dollar” questions, because it can get complicated and downright frustrating.

Saida, we searched far and wide for some options, and here is what we came up with:

First you have to evaluate the types of scarves that you own and put them in several piles.

One pile can be silk georgette, the other can be polyester, the third pile can be cotton and so on.

After you figure out that pile then begin separating the scarves by the type of style, one pile will be silk georgette wrap scarf, and another pile will be silk georgette square scarf.

We know it’s getting complicated. But once you do this, hopefully you can maintain it and not have to do it again.

If you want you can divide your scarves up even more by additionally sorting them into color piles. Once you’ve gotten all this out of the way, the question is how to store them?

We have tried everything from dedicating a few dresser drawers, to storing scarves on a huge closet shelf, to even hanging them from hangers made for pants. The main issue we found in all of these cases is the tendency of the scarf to crease or wrinkle. Talk about annoying! We wish there was a better way to store scarves so that you could eliminate the ironing.

Check out these items that may help with storage:

Scarf hanger $7.99 holds up to ten

Swiveling tie/scarf hanger $3.99 (looks a little flimsy)

Hijab hanger $12.99 (not sure this is going to keep things wrinkle free)

Other ideas include using some type of storage accessory like a shoe holder that hangs over your door. Or a plastic drawer set that you can hide in your closet.

If you store your scarves in a closed area (dresser, box, etc.) then read our previous tip on how to keep them fresh and smelling good.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share for how you store YOUR hijab? Feel free to drop us a comment below or email us: info at hijabtrendz dot com.

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  1. Mariam

    I have a box system which is working well for me. I separated my scarves into these categories: Dressy, Casual, Dressy-Casual, and Caps. I might add a box for summer cotton scarves. I put each category of scarves into an acid-free cardboard photo box which I get at Michael’s craft store. The boxes go in a bookcase in the bedroom with other clothes (underwear, socks, bras) which are in shoe boxes. First, I select the long shirt and pants or abaya I’m going to wear. and then I decide what type of hijab I need. Then I get the box I need. I keep the hijabs softly folded and sometimes they need pressing, but not all that often and I don’t mind pressing them.

    I should add that I have quite a few scarves – about 4 boxes worth. I prefer a box-and-bookcase-system to dresser drawers, but you could put the boxes in drawers as well with the lids under them. I use the straight hijab pins to stick the scarf to a little pony tail on top of my head. These are in a little dish right now in the bathroom, where I put the hijab on, but I might get or make a pincushion to keep them in. When I come home, I just put the scarf back in it’s “home.”.

  2. Umm Haniyyah

    I’m interested in finding out what other sisters do with their hijabs once they come home. Does it come off right away and if so, do you have a place for it near your entryway or do you remove it in your bedroom? Storage has been an issue for me, but so too losing them around the house and having them pile up in our shoe/coat area near the front door. I know this is because I don’t have a good system for dealing with them and so am looking for ideas.

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  5. Celeritas

    I use hanging shelves in my wardrobe but they are always messy.

  6. Basbousa

    I’m sorry to post a link here but this one from IKEA is probably the best solution on organizing hijabs that I’ve ever found.

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