As per our reader Lamiya’s request, here is an outfit for the hijabi golfer!


Note: Golfing is a somewhat conservative sport, so there is no need to go wild with lots of colors and bling.

Wide leg trousers are available in a host of colors, we suggest sticking with white or khaki for the golf course and possibly black (fall weather allows for darker colors).

There are several types of tops you can pair with wide leg trousers that give the casual pant a look of sophistication. We recommend finding a nice sweater vest or 3/4 sleeve sweater for fall weather to wear over the long sleeve shirts. In the summer you can wear the shirts as is, however if you are a little busty wear a v neck lightweight sweater over the shirt. Or you can leave a few buttons open at the top with a bright t-shirt underneath. This helps to break up the look a little and detract from the chest area.

If you are wearing a short sleeve shirt, then pair it with a nice long sleeve sweater on top.

As for the hoodie, you can wear a bright tshirt underneath to add that pop of color.

Hijab should be tucked in nicely or if you’re going to wrap it make sure the scarf is not so long that it’s dragging down.

All pieces in this outfit come in a range of sizes from small to plus size.

Pictured above: Long sleeve polo shirt Clothing4All $20.78, V-neck hoodie sweater Ann Taylor$24.99, ruffle shirt Old Navy $26.50, Wide leg trousers Old Navy $25.00, Pashmina scarves from Overstock in a variety of colors $33.33 for three scarves.

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