If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that does the following:

  • Holds in your jiggly tummy
  • Covers your behind nicely and doesn’t gap in the back
  • Has a bit of stretch so you can move around
  • Instantly slims your legs
  • Can be hemmed for free to fit your height

WARNING: You may have to go down a few sizes to get the perfect fit. 🙂

Where are these jeans and who makes them? Hold on we’ll get to that juicy bit of information in just a minute. First we have to tell you a little bit about how we ended up finding them.

For awhile now we’ve heard of this particular brand of jeans, but it’s been dubbed “the mommy jean”. Now that word makes us cringe because usually people think of a woman wearing jeans hiked up so high that it makes her look like she doesn’t have a waist. It also makes us think of extremely tapered jeans *shudder* that make anyone look extremely wide in the hips/bottom.

We finally decided to ignore that information and head to Nordstrom one of the places where these jeans are sold. They are quite pricey. $88.00 on sale. But they are worth every penny of it (Hijabtrendz only endorses products/services that we’ve actually tried out).

Don’t get us started on the great customer service at Nordstrom. They will hem anything or make alterations for FREE. That can’t be beat. We hate having to take our clothing after we bought it and hunt down a decent tailor, so this is a huge plus.

The staff at Nordstrom also work with you until you find the best jean fit possible.

We tried on other brands besides this amazing jean, and surprise surprise we ended up with the mommy jean.

It’s actually called Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

This brand is probably suited for women who have curves and have trouble finding any jean to fit them. We’ve literally tried everything and this is the first time we found a style that fits good, looks unbelievable and has boosted our confidence way up.

Although these jeans are pricey, it’s better than wasting money on ill-fitting jeans that you stop wearing once they stretch out and sag. These are meant to last, but you have to take good care of them.

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