We’ve always wondered how some people manage to stay looking completely polished at work. They wear nice crisp pants and button down shirts that look so professional even though they’re tucked in.

How is it possible? One might think you have to be a certain body type to be able to pull off those looks, but we’re here to tell you there is hope!

Yes, you can put together a nice stylish outfit without worrying if you’re going to look frumpy, bumpy and lumpy. Behold the wonders of the bodysuit!

The name is a little awkward, because it makes people think of some bizarre spandex outfit, but the reality is that it’s just a style of shirt that snaps down below, kind of like a baby’s t-shirt. How perfect.

Here are some samples:

Essential bodysuit $29.00 at Victoria’s Secret

Poplin bodysuit $39.00 at Dillard’s

Mock neck bodysuit $39.00 at Boston Proper

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