For all you beautiful curvy ladies out there, don’t let those fashion magazines tell you that you can’t celebrate your curves and look amazing.

Here is an outfit idea that will help you transition from summer into fall with a jewel toned dress. Pair with some nice pants and heels for a dressed up look. Make it more casual and summer friendly with jeans and sandals. Or wear it hijabless to your next party.

You can easily mix and match all the items in this outfit montage.

Tips and Tricks: To hijabify the look choose colors for your scarf that match other items (shoes, dress, handbag). Tuck your scarf into the dress or wear a sheila style scarf and let it drape around the neckline.

Clockwise from top left:
Lilac shimmer scarf $6.71 from Hijab Store Online, Easy knit dress $49.00 from Silhouettes, Sparkle black scarf $11.51 from Hijab Store Online, Trouser pants $39.95 from Avenue, Ralph Lauren gold heels $99.00 from Zappos,
High heel black sandals $99.95 from Zappos, Flare leg jeans $49.00 from Silhouettes.

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  1. Sawsan

    i love the Sandalse 🙂

  2. Basbousa

    I love the color of the dress

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