We were pleasantly surprised when we came across “Vharda” several weeks ago and when we contacted the owner she told us she was located in Singapore. The original site featured hijabi models showing off some really cool outfits.

We were planning an exclusive interview, but apparently some people had beef with “real models” and the poor girl had to re-launch her entire website last Friday.

However, we do happen to like the new design! It’s creative and unique and features some great trendy outfits.

We love the whole reason behind Vharda and wish Azlinah much success. You go girl!

P.S. She now offers worldwide shipping… can you say shopping spree?

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  1. Wardah

    Hi, I want to see the full range. Do add me to your contact


  2. nora effendi

    Do add me 🙂
    Can see full range when one ” add contact” from that web.

    Salam Ramadhan 🙂

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