The name of this store translates into our modern term of “The Hijabi” and therefore this store is all about hijab.

Al-Motahajiba is located in several countries and is a great source of inspiration for hijab styles and if you’re into the whole abaya/sheila world you can see some great examples.

According to the site’s history page:

Al Motahajiba, is the most famous and glamorous brand name in the fashion design sphere of the Gulf and Arab woman. This great success is due to our continuous determination to design the most fashionable dresses for the purpose of fulfilling women’s needs and desires. Nevertheless, these dresses still conform to the Arab values, customs and traditions, while taking into consideration the Arab woman’s need for practicality in her daily performance at home, at work and at her other activities.

If you remember our podcast on abaya fashion in  Saudi Arabia and how women are designing their own, you’ll be thrilled to know that Al-Motahajiba offers custom design services! So, if you have a great idea send them your information and now you’ll have the most unique abaya on the block.

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