What is Hijabtrendz?

In honor of our one-year anniversary (August 31 to be exact) we thought we’d give you the scoop about Hijabtrendz in case you’ve just stopped by and may not know too much about us. 🙂

Hijabtrendz is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the “modern hijabi”.

What started out as a fashion blog has quickly evolved to include anything and everything a hijabi ever wanted to know.

There are tons of resources out there for the average Western woman, but there is nothing out there for those of us who choose to adhere to certain dress requirements while maintaining our identity at the same time.

The hijab is not worn because of any “statement” but rather because of a belief system.

We are women who are doctors, lawyers, students, artists, journalists, executives, stay at home moms and more.

Hijabtrendz hopes to broaden the network of strong confident women who are changing the world for the better and making positive contributions to society.

We wear the head scarf and may look different. But, our similarities may surprise you.

This blog is updated daily Monday through Friday.

We are not paid or supported by any of the companies we feature and therefore we aim to provide non-biased information about products and services that we’ve used.

If, in the future we are sponsored by any company we will make sure to notify you the reader to avoid any conflict of interest.

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