Challenge Day 13 and 14

Traveling during Ramadan can be quite a hassle and we don’t mean it in a bad way, but just that it can pose quite an inconvenience. Although you’re not required to fast when traveling, if you feel up to it go for it. Then you won’t have any extra days to make up :).

In our case, we have traveled this weekend and the drive was a little over two hours, but when we arrived we were famished! What to eat? How to stay on track with the Ramadan Challenge when all we could think about were burgers and french fries?

Try your best to avoid fast food if you can. If that’s your only bet and if you’re breaking your fast on the road, check and see if they have any other options such as salads, wraps, or even fresh fruit. Incorporate those into your meal so that you’re not just eating something really greasy.

Opt for a bottle of water instead of the soda that comes with your meal and you’ll feel so much better.

When you travel it can be hard to find time to exercise. So here are our tips:

If you’re going to be sitting around a lot visiting people, try to find a way to incorporate a quick walk around the block with your friends as a way to socialize.

If you’re shopping, park the car far from the entrance and take those extra steps to the door.

And finally when you get some time before going to bed, do a few of the exercises we’ve been doing throughout the challenge. Make up your own little routine and have fun with it.

You”ll feel so much better when you get back home knowing that you didn’t just let yourself go. Trust us, we know the feeling!

Have fun this weekend and we’ll see you with more Ramadan Challenge tips on Monday.

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