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An online clothing retailer that focuses on modern and trendy clothing for women debuted in Manchester, England a little over 5 months ago and is quickly becoming one of the hottest new places for hijabis to shop. It should come as no surprise that the founder is a Muslim man who’s wife was fed up with trying to find clothing that was in style while also fulfilling certain dress requirements.

Many Muslim women and those of other faiths adhere to a dress code of wearing loose, long clothing that doesn’t reveal too much.

Abdulrahman Hummaida says that’s one reason why he and his wife Silvia started LOSVE.

“LOSVE (pronounced loss-vee) was born out of a need. My wife Silvia was frustrated with the lack of trendy long clothing in the UK. She would frequently find it hard to buy trendy items that also fit our lifestyle.”

Hummaida says there are various clothing shops in the UK that provide long clothing and his wife would occasionally shop there.

“Unfortunately these are typically not trendy. What she wanted is a balance between long length and current trend. So we set off on a wonderful journey to establish a trendy long clothing brand – LOSVE.”

According to Hummaida LOSVE is a company that aims to fill the gap so that more women can find themselves enjoying fashion as well as being able to practice their faith.

Hummaida is a software engineer by profession and he met his wife when they were in college together. Silvia serves as the creative director for LOSVE.

Because LOSVE is such a unique name Hummaida is often asked how it was made up.

“When we were creating the name, we sat down with some friends and showed some of the names we came up with. I remember I was handing each name around and was listening to their reaction, as soon as I handed them LOSVE, there was an immediate buzz and unanimous approval. I knew then we had our name.”

Mainstream clothing that is hijab friendly is a challenge for Muslim women to find and Hummaida agrees.

“I think one of the problems with modest clothing companies is their style is too basic and lacks current trend. I believe LOSVE does not fall into that category, which is why we don’t think of LOSVE as modest clothing but a trendy long clothing brand.”

Hummaida says currently 60% of their customers are Muslim women.

“We are pleased with the reaction to LOSVE’s concept and got lots of feedback and requests to do additional lines like dresses and coats – in the LOSVE style of course.”

LOSVE is currently based entirely online, but Hummaida says they have very ambitious future plans to open retail stores.

“Being an online fashion retailer presents opportunities and challenges. We can serve people as close as London and as far as San Francisco, but we have to make sure the user experience on the website is great and we have to present our clothing items well.”

He says they initially wanted to focus on serving UK customers, but got so many emails asking if they could ship to other countries.

“So we now ship to the USA, Canada and the EU.”

According to Hummaid, all the clothing is manufactured in Turkey, because it has a very established textile industry and good ties with the EU allowing LOSVE to have a good logistics setup.

So what is Hummaida’s advice for anyone interested in getting into the retail industry?

“Make sure you are passionate about what you do and have the drive to do this very well. The passion will help you create something unique and the drive will give you the energy to carry on when you are challenged.”

Here’s what you can expect to see for the LOSVE Fall/Winter 2008 collection:
Luxurious Purple
Classical Tartan and Folk
The latest trends in long skirts, long shirt-dresses and tunics.
Vibrant Esarps (Turkish style scarves)


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