Challenge Day 25

We’re going to miss the challenge days when this is all over! OK who are we kidding? We can’t wait to get back to a regular schedule of eating, but we’re also happy with all the results we’ve been seeing.

3 more days and it’s all over!

For iftar today:
Break your fast and eat salad as your first main course followed by a hearty bowl of soup. Hot dishes tend to make you feel fuller and more satisfied. Take a break from dinner and instead of filling up  eat a light snack later in the evening. Often times we stuff ourselves because it’s our “chance” to eat before we have to get back to fasting. Don’t fall into that trap, you’ll feel miserable later because you’ll be too full to move!

For suhoor today:
Have a bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit followed by at least 2 glasses of water.
If you’re still hungry eat a healthy snack like light string cheese, some yogurt or even a granola bar. Drink a glass of warm tea or milk if you’re planning to go back to sleep. You’ll feel so relaxed.

No exercises for today.  🙂

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