One of the best things about Eid is giving and receiveng presents!

It’s dubbed as the “Christmas for Muslims” in some circles and has grown into quite the commercial holiday.

Often times we shop at the last minute and feel exhausted or disappointed because we don’t know if people will like our gifts.

We’re going to help you a little if you’re still trying to figure out what you’re going to get for friends and family.

Check out our picks below:

Spore is a new video game available in multiple platforms (pc/mac/mobile phone).

i-pod nano in the new chrome colors from Apple.

Clear solution skin care set from Jack Black.

Lovespell the most popular fragrance from Victoria’s Secret.

Non-silk tie in lavendar from Jaan J.

Three gem hijab pin from Jaan J.

Light-weight pashmina in burnt orange from Boutique Jewels.

Moon Sand a great way to keep kids entertained without the mess of real sand.

Go & Grow introduce your little one to the joy of riding a bike from little tikes.

Mosque building blocks from Astrolabe.

BONUS TIP: Check out Astrolabe.com for fun decorations and supplies you can use to spice up your place for Eid! Or bring the family together and design your own posters and decorations.

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  1. Latifah

    i know!!! i always tell people about them because we need to support our high quality companies like this. i just wish there was a store we could see them all in person, espeically the ties. if we continue to support them, a big retail chain might actually decide to carry jaan j. because there is a ton of us that would go to the stores to at least look. i would, but i also just love to shop! jaan j. – halal non silk ties & sandal of the prophet pin

  2. Mariam Sobh

    Aren’t their products just so gorgeous and sophisticated? That’s why they made our top ten this Eid 🙂

  3. Latifah

    the hubby bought me the sandal of the prophet hijab pin and himself a halal non silk tie from jaan j. i loved it! the tie was really nice too mA. jaan j. – halal non silk ties & sandal of the prophet pin

  4. Celeritas

    My husband got me needlepoint stuffs as I love them!

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