The hijab (headscarf) has become quite the fashionable accessory for the mainstream fashionista.

So, for hijabis around the world who’ve always felt a little bit left out of the fashion scene, you can all rejoice as headscarves have become the “it” item for fall 2008. Now you can be the expert and let all those ladies know just how to wear it AND rock it with confidence.

Image Source: mesturegiyim.com

Check out a hip fashion blog here that talks about the trend.

Although Muslim women wear the headscarf out of religious obligation and not because of what fashion dictates, there’s no harm in spicing it up don’t you think?

Bonus Tip: Use smaller scarves as undercaps, or play around with them and layer them headband style on top of an Al-Amirah hijab. Have fun with it and be creative!

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  1. headscarf lover

    I think, hijab or headscarf is high end fashion nowadays.
    nice post..

  2. Janan

    Thanks for the comment!!! Eid mubarak!! I really love the yellow. I was actually in dillards yesterday looking for a yellow outfit but like I ended up with a purply printed style dress. Its sort of vintage and has this redish belt with it. anyway. Eid Sa’eed again!!

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