Smell As Good As You Look

Lately we’ve been obsessed with smells.

Everywhere we go we’re trying to figure out which perfume smells good, what body wash has the right amount of zing to it,  and even what’s the best way to keep the house smelling fresh.

Here is what we’re loving at the moment.

**For the body:

Victoria’s Secret has always got something fruity and floral to keep you smiling. We like the sweet sugar and berry sugar.

Tip: Use a body wash and then put on the same smell lotion and finish with the body splash. You’ll layer the scents and it will last longer.

**For the home:

Bath and Body Works is our new obsession. We don’t know why we didn’t pay attention to them earlier. They have these neat wallflowers that release a little bit of scented oil and it’s not overwhelming. Put one in the bathroom and it will smell fresh and clean. You can put a few more around the house as well. Our favorite is the fresh linen.

Tip: Give the smell 24 hours to resonate in the room or whatever part of the house you want it in. Go out and when you come back inside see if you can smell it. If it’s too powerful you may have to cut down on the number of wallflowers you’re using. Or just plug it in for a little while at a time. We like to leave ours plugged in and only change it when the oil runs out.

**For the rest of the house Bath and Body Works also has scented candles. Yummy. These things always tend to make us hungry! Creamy nutmeg is perfect for the fall weather ahead.

Light some scented candles right before you start cooking. Place them around the kitchen/dining area and they will help soak up the smell of food. It’s especially good if you’re planning to do any frying or cooking with very strong odors.

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