It’s so hard to find skirts that actually flatter your figure. We’re not talking about showing off your curves and assets, but skirts that actually compliment you and don’t make you look like a rolly polly hedgehog.

The best kind of skirt is one that has a nice flow to it. It literally pulls away from your body to create a long and lean look. It doesn’t matter if you’re petite, average or plus size, your skirts should not make you look frumpy, bumpy, lumpy or downright dumpy!

Here are a few tips to think about when selecting a skirt.

1. What type of fabric is it made out of?

2. How long is the skirt? 

3. What type of cut is the skirt?

4. What kind of pattern or color is the skirt?

And here are the reasons why you need to consider the above questions.

1. Checking out the fabric is important because different materials behave differently. For example if it’s a stiff cotton skirt that feels super starched, chances are this is not going to look good unless you’re waif thin. Another fabric that’s hard to pull off is jersey or modal. This fabric is very soft and light, but if you have any curves it’s going to cling to your bumps.

2. Many women tend to overlook the length of a skirt. Ladies beware of those skirts that hit just above the ankle, because they are SO unflattering. They will make you look even bigger in the bottom and leave you looking unbalanced, as though you’re teetering on little peg legs. Look for full length skirts that you can wear with a nice pair of heels. Or if you prefer to wear flats, get a skirt that hits just above your shoes, so that your shoes are peeking out from under the skirt.

3. The cut of the skirt is important because it can determine how it will fit on your body. There are all kinds of skirts, princess, a line, fishtail. These depend on your body structure. A skirt that your friend is wearing may not look so great on you.

4. Colors and patterns are a huge thing to consider. If you’re petite don’t wear a skirt with overwhelming patterns, look for smaller prints. And the opposite if you’re on the plus size. As far as colors go, darker will slenderize and hide trouble spots. But if you have the right flowing skirt, you can pretty much go for any color.

Bonus Tip: The best shape that looks good on everyone is the gypsy style skirts because they’re so wide and flowy.

Of course the best solution is to try on the skirt if possible to see just how it looks!

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