At least it appears that way here in Chicago.

Last week it was really hot and this week we find ourselves bundling up to go outside.

Fall is officially here though, the leaves have turned gold and brown and are scattered all across the sidewalks. Not to mention that pumpkins seem to be everywhere!

What does this mean?

Well, for starters, it means it’s time to get cozy!

OK it’s not quite winter, but there’s no harm in having a hot cup of apple cider. 🙂

Sweaters are a lot of fun because they’re comfortable, laid back, and you don’t have to worry about ironing.

This fall we’re seeing so many different ways of wearing a sweater that it really comes down to personal preference and comfort.

Here are some of our faves for fall 2008 sweaters:

From (L-R): Hooded scarf cardigan from Old Navy $34.50, Women’s scarf cardigan in plus size from Old Navy $36.50, Scarf cardigan in maternity from Old Navy $29.50

From (L-R): Belted V-neck maternity sweater from Gap $44.00, Knit wrap cardigan from Garnet Hill $54.00, Plus size belted cardigan from OneStopPlus for $34.99

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