Pink Hijab Day is when Muslim women come together to show their solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

But exactly how and why did it start?

Hijabtrendz decided to dig a little deeper and find out.

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It started back in 2003 when Hend El-Buri and several of her friends noticed they were all wearing pink hijabs on the same day.

“I realized that we could do something big with this, so the next year I contacted the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation and started a team with them and made a Facebook group.”

El Buri, a 21 year old college student, says putting the event on Facebook is mainly where it got attention, and how the idea spread.

El-Buri says breast cancer awareness is an issue that is important for all women including Muslims to take part in.

“It is important for Muslim women to work towards bettering their societies, whether they live in Muslim countries or abroad. Breast cancer is something that affects all women-supporting a cure with donations and raising awareness are essential parts of fighting breast cancer.”

Pink Hijab Day not only brings to light the issue of breast cancer, El-Buri says it also opens up the lines of communication for non-Muslims who may be curious about hijab.

“Some people may be intimidated by the hijab and afraid to ask questions. Because Muslim women who wear hijab wear their faith so clearly, it’s important for us to encourage questions instead of stares. We have posters that say ‘do you have a question about my hijab? ask me on October 29′”

As Pink Hijab Day grows with supporters all over the world El-Buri reflects on how far it has come.

“At first most people thought it was funny and silly, but after I put it on Facebook and it grew, (over 7000 participants last year) people have been really supportive and excited about it.”

El-Buri says initially the event started off as “national pink hijab day”, and has now become global.

“I got a huge response from South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Egypt. I’m trying to get national representatives in those places so we can be more efficient and plan together. It was challenging in some places (particularly in Muslim countries) where there was no breast cancer research foundation to refer people to when they wanted to donate.”

The date for this year’s Pink Hijab Day is October 29th.

El-Buri says from this year onward it will be the final Wednesday of every October.

El-Buri says Pink Hijab Day in America supports the Susan G. Komen breast cancer research foundation and Pink Hijab Day in Egypt supports the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt.

El-Buri says she’s still trying to find local charities in other countries that support breast cancer research.

For more information about Pink Hijab Day you can contact Hend El-Buri (helburi at gmail dot com).

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  3. Mariam Sobh

    Wow, that’s an interesting fact. 🙂

  4. Lamyaa Hashim-Albayaa

    If you take a close look at the pink ribbon commonly associate with the fight against breast cancer and particularly how it is depicted in print, it is actually a hijab (or scarf). It is slightly different by its shading then other ribbon pins for other groups. Most women with breast cancer do lose their hair due to treatment and end up wearing scarves as a result. That being said, it has always been a “pink hijab”. 🙂

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