We absolutely love Artizara and the way they fuse East and West.

Artizara has added some new dresses and with snowy weather right around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to go for the “winter white” theme.

If you have a formal event or if you’re thinking ahead for Eid Al-Adha these dresses make the perfect statement.

The Michelle gown was $240 now $174

The Suzanne gown was $249.99 now $194

Bonus: You can get free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Also, the dresses come with a free matching hijab. Loves it!

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  1. InayaShujaat


    I have bought a couple of tunics from Artizara, and the quality is very nice, however, I don’t like the length of them (I personally like them a bit longer). Their elegant style cannot be beat, at their price point.

    I will make one complaint about the pricing on the website: They always have a higher “retail” price, and then “their” price. As far as I know, they are the ones designing these articles, so I don’t understand how there can be a suggested retail price, since they are the only retailer. I saw an exquisite white abaya of theirs listed on another website ( Bargello had the price severely marked up, which is their style (they either copy other styles, or buy from the same tailors, and then sell them at extremely high prices). Both Artizara and Bargello have connections to Pakistan, so there’s a possibility that they are working with the very same tailors (I wonder if Artizara is aware of this??).

    All in all, Artizara has some nice stuff, and the style is anything but frumpy. My biggest gripe with “Islamic” or “modest” attire is that most of it looks more like maternity clothes than anything else!

  2. layla

    love the first one but i agree the prices are not good especially when you’re used to the Egyptian prices like i am lol.

  3. Sis

    Lovely abayas but the prices are really too higt.I do understand that thease are quality abayas but still…

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