Great Deals on Designer Items

Designer clothing is usually way too overpriced unless you go to a discount store that can sell it to you at a bargain.

However, there are times you can find designer apparel and buy it while it’s still in style.

You’re most likely to find shoes, clothing and various accessories at amazing prices in between seasons or just before a bunch of new items are added to store shelves.

Sometimes it just takes patience a keen eye and pure luck.

If you find things that are great, but you can’t wear them now (sandals in winter anyone?) then buy stuff you know will be making a comeback next year.

*Note* these deals usually mean that sizes will be limited.

Here are some of our faves:

Lauren by Ralph Lauren wide leg pants $58.90 at Nordstrom

DKNY tweed coat $135.90 at Nordstrom

Stuart Weitzman flip flops $29.90 at

KORS by Michael Kors heeled sandal $118.45 at

Do you have any tips for finding discounted designer clothing?

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  1. Hannah

    I love! I just discovered it a couple months ago. Everything is so discounted. Even stuff that in season (I saw boots from UGGS more sophisticated line for less that half the original price). There’s a lot to sift through, but it’s totally worth it. Thanks for the good tips! 🙂

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