Going Glossy for Eid Al-Adha

Lip gloss is a great way to spice up your lips and give them some shine and flavor and if you’re on the more daring side you can get them in sheer or bold colors.

There are so many different kinds of gloss on the market that it can be hard to find a kind that you like.

Our tip: find a store that lets you sample the product. Most department stores and even some chain stores in malls will have samples to test out.

The downside of some glosses is that they’re sticky and can actually dry your lips out.

Our tip: Apply a nude colored lipstick or even chapstick/lip balm first, and then layer the gloss on top.

Some of our favorite glosses:

Beauty Rush:- Flavorful and sparkly with many varieties.

Bonne Bell: A hint of mint for the perfect pout.

M.A.C: The clear gloss makes your lips look like shiny glass.

Wet ‘n’ Wild: Nice budget friendly product.

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