One Piece Al Amira Hijabs

For some reason a one piece Al Amira Hijab can be difficult to find unless you make a trip overseas, but you can cobble together a collection by going to a few different online sources.

We featured the one piece Al Amira as the “default hijab” in our video here.

A few online retailers that sell one piece Al Amira’s online are:

Heather’s Hijabs

Al Muhajaba El Aniqa


If you know of any other places let us know!

If you have a local hijab boutique in your area, you may be able to find some there, but there is a high chance that it’s going to be the one made for little girls with excessive fringe on the bottom.

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  1. Kelly

    411 hijabs and middle eastern mall are the same owners 🙂

  2. Alia

    Middle Eastern Mall sells them online…they have a nice variety of colors as well…These are my hijab of choice under the rectangular shaylas!

  3. N

    They are very hard to find even here in Cairo! They are the only kind I wear and I buy them at a shop downtown in Sharia Sherif across from the National Bank called Zalat.

  4. Diali

    Thanks Sister

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