Turkish Hijab Style

We absolutely love the Turkish hijab style, but it’s often hard to find all the right components to put it together.

If you’re not sure how the look is achieved check out our tutorial video here .

We were so excited when we came across an online retailer that sells satin undercaps, because now you can really get the Turkish look!

From (L-R): Bushra Silk Hijab from Hijab Planet, Satin undercap from Middle Eastern Mall which also runs 411hijabs. (It’s currently sold out at 411hijabs.com).    

When we’ve worn the Turkish hijab style in the past all we had were the cotton underscarves (“Zorro” style), now we can take it up a notch with the satin!

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  1. reema

    alsharifa.com sells the plastic things for the hijab. she calls them streamliners

  2. alison

    a shop in walthamstow market in east london ,right opposite the bhs is selling cotton caps to put under the headscarf and they have a piece of felt inserted into the top of the cap to hold the scarf in shape

  3. Sadik

    Hijab is not a symbol of fashion it is a symbol of Islamic rule………. try to keep it properly

  4. linda

    That would be great!

  5. Mariam Sobh

    I’ve found them at local hijab shops, islamic conventions. But you can make your own. Perhaps I’ll do a video tutorial on that in the near future.

  6. linda

    Hi, where can I buy the plastic piece that holds the hijabs shape? Thank you 🙂

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  8. Amina

    Found a site that sells turkish hijab stuff and the plastic thing that goes underneath! they also have video on how to wear it right


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