Hijabtrendz Exclusive: Islamic Outfitters

Hijabtrendz Exclusive

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Islamic Outfitters is an online Islamic clothing company developed by husband and wife team Khalid and Sadia Sattar.

What started out as a convenient service for family and friends has now blossomed into a clothing business.

We recently caught up with Sadia, to find out more about Islamic Outfitters, and what it takes to make it in such a competitive field.

How did this clothing line start? Who’s idea was it?
My husband and I were studying abroad and would have various clothing items custom-made for family members. Their friends would see the products and ask them if it was possible to have the same products made in their sizes. It started with 20 shirts and grew to 200 shirts. Over a period of a year or so, it morphed into Islamic Outfitters. In essence, the impetus for Islamic Outfitters was a community-based need for contemporary, modest clothing- coupled with our being in the right place at the right time.


Why do you think there is a need for Islamic clothing?
There is an overarching need for Muslims to preserve and put forward an Islamic identity. Simply put, our style of dress can act as a visible marker for our Islamic identity. The clothes we wear allow us to physically communicate an ideology that we subscribe to. For Islamic Outfitters, a guiding principle for each of our products is that it falls within the parameters of what is considered to be modest Islamic clothing. So each of our kurtas and tunics has long-sleeves, is cut and sized to hide the shape of the body and falls to at least mid-thigh. While the design is contemporary, the cut and fit of the shirt allows for maximum coverage.


What does Islamic clothing mean? How is it different from clothes at Target or any other popular store?
There really is not one standard way to define what Islamic clothing is. This is why as you glance across the entire Muslim landscape, you find different populations wearing an incredible variety of colors, designs and styles. We have tried to hold fast to Islamic guidelines while still reflecting the culture and society we live in.

We use traditional embroidery and stitching techniques, which means that no two of our shirts are ever exactly the same.  Unlike clothing from the Gap or Target for example, where they aim to produce 1000 of a shirt, each exactly the same as the others, there is always some variation in the design or accents on our products.


What’s in the future for Islamic Outfitters?
With the current economic situation, we are like any small business. We are trying to weather through the next few months and in the end come out intact and ready to move on. At the same time, our long-term idea for Islamic Outfitters is encapsulated in the name – we want to be that company that can outfit your entire life! But we’re moving slowly so that as we add each product line, it is of the highest quality and affordably priced for our customers. In the next month, we are introducing our new line of jilbabs and then after that we are looking to add a line of kurtas for men.

***Hijabtrendz readers can get 25% off by entering Coupon Code “888” at checkout***

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