The Savvy Hijabi: Weekend Sales are Here

The Memorial Day weekend is upon us and perhaps you have noticed the sales have already begun! It can all be a bit tiresome, because while shopping can be interesting, hunting down the deal takes time, which is why Savvy is here!

I have brought you a few new items that you may be unaware of:

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Gomattagirls has this today: Akiko Beaded Collar Modal Keyhole Dress in Navy. I would wear with a bit more clothing (pants underneath), but you get the idea-save money and save yourself! I ordered a maxi dress from them yesterday. I will let you know how it went after it arrives.

Do any of you have special deals in your neck of the woods you’d like to share?

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  1. Iman

    Very cool prices and awesome styles. From my experience you usually have to pay a lot for unique styles.

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