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I haven’t had a friend or relative start wearing hijab recently, but I wish someone would just so I can implement this idea.

It’s a hijab starter pack for those who are just starting to cover their hair.

I think that’s such a great idea, especially when you have no idea what colors to buy or where to get hijabs from.

I was cleaning out my room this weekend, and discovered that I have 86 hijabs.

The different colors come in handy, but I also have a lot of multiples of the same color. I have five navy blue scarves! I don’t even know what to do with that many.

So, my starter kit would include: black, white, gray, tan and navy blue hijabs. Those are definitely essentials. I’d also add in a few patterns and colors that a first-time hijabi might want to play around with. Colorful hijabs are easy enough to find nowadays at department stores.

Assorted hijab

I’d also throw in a black and white bandana to wear under the hijab. I get mine, strangely enough, from Michael’s. The bandanas are supposed to be for craft projects, but they’re perfect for hijab since they’re plain.
No hijab kit is complete without some safety pins and straight pins.

Hijab Pins

If you’re feeling really generous, purchase some light, long-sleeve shirts in black and white. Those are a must in the summer-time, when all the clothes around are short-sleeved.

Is there anything else that I’m missing out on? Anything else you’d give to a first-time hijabi?

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  1. Hijab styles

    interesting post jazakAllah.

  2. Jodi

    I love this idea! I wonder if any shops have them ready made or if they’ve ever tried to do that! I would add a pretty card explaining how to store them and keep them fresh smelling. Also how to clean and dry them. It might be a simple thing but sometimes ‘common sense’ is not the same for everyone. 🙂 You could include a sample sized bottle of ‘Woolite’ or a few fabric softener sheets. How about a pictorial on how to wear the different styles? I know there are a lot of tutorials on line that you could probably print off. If you could include a one piece (all in one) scarf that would be very handy I suppose! What about a plastic insert for when they want to expand and get more creative? I wish there was a book on something like “The Hijab diaries” or something practical and fun that women could use. We can’t all find what we need on line all the time. A book to refer to on styles, pins, scarves and thoughts from other women would be wonderful.

  3. Sadya

    Great idea! I remember when I first started wearing hijab, I borrowed one from a friend (props to Beenz) and would only wear black hijabs until I realized how to better match my hijabs.
    I am scared to count how many I have … :o/
    Bandanas are good.. I like the undercaps that you slide on b/c then I don’t have to tie anything.

  4. Fatin

    Congratulation anya, i’m so happy for you.

  5. Nadia Malik

    Anya, that’s such great news! I hope everything goes well for you insha’Allah. 🙂

  6. Dana

    Congratulations Anya! I hope you will enjoy your hijab journey 🙂

  7. caraboska

    Maybe a lightweight abaya or jilbab to wear over whatever else?


    I am happy for you, that you have found the joy of going out in clothes you can wear with conviction.

  8. Anya

    Assalamu Alaikum! This is such a wonderful idea! Having recently reverted, I actually wore my hijab out of the house for the first time today – such a liberating feeling! I think that any new hijabi would be greatly appreciative of this idea – I happened to stumble upon a huge bag of scarves, but if I hadn’t, I’m sure I would be confused! I absolutely love the website – keep it up!

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